How Do We Pay

We pay you what Arise pays us minus our service fee of 10%.

Also check out: Why do we charge a service fee? (Just in case you were wondering!)

We do not deduct any fees for bonuses earned. Those are yours to keep! We charge per CSP NOT per client. So even if you service more than one client you still only pay the service fee ONCE per pay period.

pay day on the calendar

Contractor Status

You are classified as an independent contractor and responsible for your own taxes. Assist A Boss does not withhold taxes from your paycheck, but we certainly have tax professionals that can help you out during the tax season. So keep your receipts! You can deduct your home office, Internet, telephone, computer, and other expenses on your taxes. You will be supplied with your 1099-MISC form for the prior year at the start of each calendar year.

3 Ways to Pay You

You work how you want, when you want, AND choose how you get paid. We pay twice a month in one of three ways:

  • Direct Deposit
  • PayPal
  • Paper Check

Direct deposit requires your banking information. We will need you PayPal email address for this method or your mailing address for a paper check. You will receive the pay schedule after you join the Assist A Boss team on the Arise network.

Pay for Performance

Your hourly rate depends on the client that you service. You can earn anywhere between $9 to $16 per hour PLUS any performance-based incentives and bonuses. Arise is a big pay for performance company – meaning the better your performance, the more you can make!

Unlimited Referrals

Don’t keep this opportunity to yourself. Spread the word to family and friends and get them signed up and working from home too! You can earn $100 for each referral that joins and successfully completes a training class AND 20 service hours within 90 days of signup.