Training Reimbursement Policy

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  • Assist A Boss provides financial support to its Client Support Professionals (CSPs) who participate in Arise certification courses which meet the criteria outlined in this policy. Such support is intended to enhance the CPS's professional development and their skills and knowledge related to our business and partnership with Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc.


    CPSs with at least 60 days of continuous service immediately following the certification course are eligible for reimbursement of the course fee. For the purpose of this policy, "continuous service" means meeting Statement of Work ("SOW") and agent performance requirements outlined by the Arise client.

    Termination of Eligibility

    Eligibility ceases upon notice of termination of active status before completing 60 days of continuous service. No reimbursements will be made to former CSPs, CSPs who have given notice of resignation, or who have been notified that they will be involuntarily terminated before completing 60 days of continuous service. This includes situations in which approval of such reimbursement was previously provided and/or the course was satisfactorily completed prior to the date of termination.

    Type of Assistance

    Assistance, when approved, is given in the form of reimbursement after successful course completion and 60 days of continuous service. Successful completion shall be evidenced by a statement of satisfactory completion.

    Payment Disbursement

    Reimbursements are dispersed in either one payment after 60 days of continuous service or two payments: one-half of the course fee after 30 days of continuous service and the other one-half of the course fee after 60 days of continuous service.

    Payback Agreement

    As a condition of reimbursement, the CSP must agree that if he or she voluntarily or involuntarily leaves Assist A Boss before completing 60 days of continuous service, the contractor will repay Assist A Boss the full amount of any reimbursement received during the 60 day period preceding the CSP's termination date.


    To qualify and receive the course fee reimbursement, the CSP is required to:

    1. Enroll and pay for the certification course.
    2. Submit the receipt along with a Course Reimbursement Request upon successful completion.
    3. Approved reimbursements will be deposited, along with the CSP's regular pay, into their bank account for those who have direct deposit of their pay. Other CSPs who have opted in will receive the reimbursement in the form of a standard paper check or PayPal deposit.

    General questions and questions concerning the status of a reimbursement payment should be directed to

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